Privacy Policy

Privacy and security are important to AsystYou. This Privacy Policy explains the types of information we gather, how it is protected, what we do with it and how you can correct or change information. By using our Site or Services, you accept and agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

When you register with us at our Site, you provide your name, billing and service addresses, e-mail address, telephone number, and credit card account number and expiration date. You select a username and password allowing you access to the Site and request our Services. Your username and password should be kept strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized use.

While using the Site and our Service, we or our contractors or suppliers may (but shall not be obligated to) monitor access and use of the Site or App, including our Account for you, including the name of your Account, your Internet protocol (IP) address, details about the unauthorized third party program detected, the time and date, and such other information and data as we may deem appropriate. If an unauthorized or impermissible use or access is detected, this Agreement and your access to the Services, Site and/or App may be terminated or suspended with or without additional notice to you.

Also, you may give us special shopping and delivery instructions, which we store and use to pick up and deliver your order to the agreed upon specifications. AsystYou also receives and stores certain types of information whenever you interact with us through the use of “cookies.” Cookies are identifiers transferred to your computer’s hard drive through your Web browser which enable our systems to recognize your browser and to provide you with certain shopping features. These “cookies” allow us to give you customized and personalized service and helps us identify ways to improve your shopping experience. Cookies are also used to help us track responses to messages sent on behalf of our advertisers so that AsystYou may aggregate such information and report results to them. If you choose to reject or disable cookies, you will be unable to use those AsystYou Services that require the use of such cookies.

AsystYou uses your information to provide Services as well as to enhance and personalize our concierge service. Other than as a result of the sale, merger, transfer or assignment of assets of, or equity in, AsystYou, we do not sell personal information about individual customers (such as name, address, e-mail address, credit card information) to third parties, sell or rent lists of customers or use information about individual customers except to provide our Service or as follows:

Aggregated Information. AsystYou may use aggregated information regarding its customers and usage of our Service (such as customer demographics and traffic patterns) and disclose such aggregated information to advertisers, partners and others for various purposes. Third Party Service Providers. AsystYou may employ other companies and individuals to perform certain functions such as processing credit card payments and analyzing data. They may have access to personal information to perform their functions. Enforcement of Agreement or Compliance with Law. AsystYou may use or disclose personal information when AsystYou believes it is appropriate to enforce this Agreement, to protect the rights, property or safety of AsystYou or its users or to comply with the law.

You may at any time review and change your personal information stored by AsystYou at the Site by accessing the My Account page at the Site. You may also request that AsystYou permanently remove all personal information stored by it at any time by delivering notice requesting such removal. Upon such request, AsystYou will remove all such information and will not thereafter use personally identifiable information about you except as may be required or permitted by sections (a) and (c) above. Such request will automatically terminate your Account, including your right to access or use the Site and request and receive Services.

Shopping Policy

Shopping List Instructions

With regard for each shopping request, please provide us with following information:

  • 1. NAME, ADDRESS, and TELEPHONE NUMBER WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED if we have questions about your order.
  • 2. Requested delivery date and time.
  • 3. Any special instructions that you may have.
  • 4. List the actual items to be shopped for in detail to include:
    • (i) brand name (or generic/store name if available),
    • (ii) product name, (i.e. Solid White Tuna or White Bread),
    • (iii) size or weight (if size/weight is not indicated, we will choose the medium size), and
    • (iv) quantity (If quantity is not provided, we will choose only one item).

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by us, shopping will be done by us at then-current Preferred Stores. If any item is not available as requested by you, we will attempt to fill your order based on your `, as defined in your user profile. If we determine that we are unable to fill your order for an item based on either your request or the substitutions you have specified in your Shopping Preferences, we will not purchase such item as a part of that order. We do not guarantee the availability of any item you order, and although we will make an effort to obtain the items that you order, you acknowledge that we are not be required to purchase any or all items ordered.

Unless you have confirmed the presence of someone to meet us at the service address or have provided us with a key to access the place of delivery, you will need to be at such location when we arrive to receive and pay for deliveries. If you choose to receive your orders delivered as an unattended delivery, your order will be left unattended at your door or other agreed upon designated location. For items that we procure for you that are not delivered, you will need to pickup all such items within (3) hours of our specified Delivery Date/Time. We will not be responsible or liable for any items missing from the specified delivery place or for items that spoiled, damaged, lost or stolen by others.

Payment for items purchased is due at the time we are charged by the applicable merchant. Our rate for Service includes travel to and from the Preferred Store.

Prohibit Items The list of items that we will not be able to purchase for you includes:

Beer, wine, distilled beverages and other alcohol Cigarettes, cigars and other forms of tobacco products Other items may be prohibited even if they do not appear on the above list.

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